The Knife - A Story by R. Conrad Teichert
The Knife: A story by R. Conrad Teichert
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The Knife
The Knife - video download

The Knife is a heartwarming, true story that takes place in 1957. It is written and narrated by R. Conrad Teichert. In it, a boy named Robert becomes enamored with a pocketknife he sees at the local mercantile. As Christmas approaches he keeps his heart set on getting the knife, but soon learns a valuable lesson about giving, receiving, and the love of Christ. Conrad made the recording of the narration the year before he passed away from cancer. His daughter, Kimberly, made the beautiful illustrations featured in the video. The Knife also features a delightful score of Christmas music by Roger, Melanie and M. Gene Hoffman.

Running Time: 27:47

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The Knife - video
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